There is a reason that all hospitals have adjustable beds. The health benefits are obvious: increased blood circulation, less spinal pressure, easier time breathing, acid reflux relief, along with many more. Underpriced Furniture is proud to carry a wide range of adjustable bases to help improve your lifestyle.

New to our floor is the Serta Motion Custom II adjustable base. With a robust 20 year limited warranty, this new adjustable base provides a reliable source of comfort and functionality in the bedroom. These new bases are compatible with both memory foam and individually pocketed coil mattresses. The wireless remote is packed full of features including a zoned massage, built in backlight and flashlight, preprogrammed and custom sleep positions, and adjustable lumbar support. This new base also includes a tilt feature, which allows you to tilt the axis of the entire mattress, allowing side sleepers to reap the benefits of an inclined sleep position. In addition to the myriad of health benefits, adding an adjustable base vastly improves the comfort and accessibility of your mattress. No need to stuff pillows behind your back when watching your favorite movie or working on your laptop. The head tilt function provides a much more comfortable and manageable position.

We are also excited to announce our new Sleep GPS Kiosk with Sleeptracker technology. This cutting edge technology allows you to track the quality of your sleep. Your new base will monitor your sleep patterns and positions. The software, which is managed from an app on your smart device, then provides a dynamic sleep coach with personalized sleep tips as well as keeping a sleep log to see how well you are sleeping. A sleep cycle alarm is also included which wakes you during your lightest sleep cycle, reducing the feeling of morning grogginess. All of these amazing tools are available at the touch of your fingertips in the new Serta Motion Custom II base.

Call our showroom at 404-418-8553 and ask for one of our mattress experts to schedule a demo in store. We will perform an in depth sleep diagnostic to best determine which mattress is best for you, as well as how to maximize your sleep potential by introducing a lifestyle base into your sleep package. Underpriced Furniture values our customer’s sleep and health. Please take advantage of this free service at any time by scheduling your appointment today.


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