Sizing up your bed options?

Sizing up your bed options?

Modern day beds come in a variety of sizes, and frankly, they can get pretty confusing.
Twin, full, queen, king, eastern king, California king, double, twin extra-long, single? What do all these terms mean and what should I buy?

With so many options and terms, it can be hard to know what size bed you need. Let’s start with some terminology. In the U.S., there are four standard sizes from smallest to largest: twin, full, queen, and king.

Here are some key facts regarding bed sizes:

  • The most common king size is referred to as an eastern king.
  • A double bed is another term for a full size bed.
  • There is also what is known as a twin xl (extra long) that is half the size of an eastern king mattress. Two twin xl mattresses make one eastern king mattress.
  • A California king is narrower than an eastern king but longer and is generally a good option for taller people.

The image below, courtesy of, shows the different mattress sizes and how an average person fits on each.



When you are trying to decide what size bed to purchase, make sure to take into consideration space in the room and not just sleeping space. For example: approximately 120” wide by 110” long is about the minimum space needed for a queen size bed where you need at least 136” wide by 110” long for an eastern king size.  Make sure you have the clearance needed to comfortably move around your room and add any additional pieces you might want or need in the space. A nightstand or dresser for example.

Another thing to consider when buying a mattress or bed is that a high quality mattress with edge support can actually increase the sleep surface of your mattress without increasing the size of the bed. For example: a mattress without edge support prevents you from utilizing the outermost parts of your mattress without rolling off. A mattress with high quality edge support would allow you to sleep closer to the edge, thus extending your sleep surface.

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