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Restful and Affordable Mattresses for Health

You spend a third of your lifetime sleeping, and doctors agree you need 7 to 9 hours of sleep, including the best kind, REM in which you completely relax and dream, for optimal performance the next day and long-term health. That’s why you should replace your mattress every 10 years to make sure it’s still up to the job of completely supporting your body. That’s why the mattress store at Underpriced Furniture carries Gwinnett County’s finest stock of memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring models at affordable prices for the budget-conscious shopper.

Below are just two examples, from our popular queen mattress sizes, of what we have to keep your bed in top shape.

Superior Hybrid Mattress Technology

In one of our top-selling hybrid queen mattresses, a luxurious firm pillow top augments the mattress’ support while air-cooled state-of-the-art memory foam supports your frame as well as “breathing” to draw away excess heat, especially important if you are a “hot” sleeper. The mattress’ support is aided by its trademark pocketed coil technology.

Another of our favorite queen mattresses similarly combines memory foam and pocketed coil along with gel foam, a special surface fiber to manage temperature, and a plush top.

Top off your new mattress with one of our foam pillows to give your neck the proper support.

Choose from Top Mattress Brands

Brands our mattress store typically carries are the popular Sierra Sleep, the renowned Simmons Beautyrest, and quality hallmark Serta.

Get Started with Your New Mattress on the Right Foundation

If you are putting together an entirely new bed or your foundation is no longer up to its task, select from our more than 15 fine bed foundations in-store, suitable for innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses, including our adjustable models with which you may raise the head or feet for maximum rest.

To replace your mattress with the latest in sleep technology to serve you for the next decade, please stop by the Underpriced Furniture Superstore showroom on Norcross, GA’s Furniture Row. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff await. And by all means, try out one of our relaxing mattresses in-store to get a feel for what’s right for you!